Warehouse Equipment Services Available

Layout Design / CAD

Warehouse Equipment Solutions specializes in custom designing storage systems for our customer's application needs and budget with regard to product flow and material handling equipment. Our designs are targeted to maximize storage and increase your warehouse organization and business efficiency. The staff of Warehouse Equipment Solutions has some of the most creative minds in the pallet rack industry. From simple selective pallet rack to complicated Pick Modules and engineered systems projects, we can provide CAD approval drawings, permitting drawings and ensure that your warehouse storage project will increase efficiency. We use the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) to plan and design your warehouse storage system. Whether we are implementing full warehouse pallet racking and picking systems or a small scale shelving project, CAD software ensures that the project is designed with your budget, facility measurements, project requirements in mind, layouts include racking, shelving, building structures, trucks, etc., enabling you to see, review and, if necessary, revise exactly your final design. This advance review pinpoints potential problems before they occur, saving you both time and money. CAD drawings can be plotted and mailed to you or sent via email. Our team can help design your facility including:
  • Create drawings for proposals & projects
  • Advice sales and customers on standards, procedures, and regulations
  • Gather and create detailed information of product
  • Submit detailed information and weight requirements for certifications
  • Obtain permits for installations
  • Coordinate project activates with installers, contractors, and customers
  • Schedule inspections
Warehouse Equipment Solutions can prepare a layout and provides preliminary floor plans using information provided by the salesperson or customer. Consult with customer and sales to determine functional and spatial requirements of the warehouse, in order to maximize use of warehouse space. Apply knowledge of design, construction procedures, zoning and building codes, and building characteristics. Review customer profile and permit information to determine critical details of the project. Prepare scaled AutoCAD drawings and documents of a project and integrate engineering elements into a unified design. Contact the customers other contractors to provide plans for quoting proposes and review the scope of the projects with emphases on the expected time of completion.

We create final plan drawings in accordance with local and uniform construction code requirements for township permit approval. Send the floor plans and detailed descriptions of the warehouse racking or other structures to an independent Professional Engineer for seismic certification along with sealed floor plans for egress and other requirements, according to building codes.

We generate and submit all required documents for township, property owners and any other governing parties. Review plans with township officials for approval. Review material requirements and any expectable alternative materials with shop manager. Resolve any problems that occurred during project, such as field adjustments, use of alternate materials, permit issues.

Here are just a few examples of CAD drawings we have done for our customers.

Warehouse Installation

At Warehouse Equipment Solutions, our number one goal is to provide you with the highest possible quality in warehouse equipment and services at prices you can easily afford. We offer new and used material handling equipment from industrial shelving, cantilever racks, pallet racks and any other type of industrial equipment. Our trained specialists have the knowledge and experience to get your install done right, on time and on budget. While we're located in Grand Prairie, TX, we install all across the nation – so no matter where you're located, we will save you money.

Businesses come to us with a variety installation needs, and we work with each client for a custom installation solution. We have the knowledge and experience to install any style or setup. Whether you are in need of a 30-minute job for a couple of pieces or an entire facility that will take several weeks, we are capable of handling any scenario:
  • Installing material purchased from Warehouse Equipment Solutions
  • Installing material already purchased
  • Moving existing material in a facility to a new configuration
  • Dissembling material, moving it to a new location and reassembling
  • Disassembling material due to closing business or something similar
  • Replacing damaged pieces in current setup

Warehouse Racks & Equipment Installs

When it comes to equipment in a warehouse, proper installation is paramount to optimum functionality. Industrial instruments are complex and require highly trained, specialized teams to correctly install them, and improper installs can be a source of reduced functionality and danger to employees.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind when working with us because we can handle any and all areas of installation:
  • Supply any and all equipment needed for the job such as forklifts, scissor lifts, and all tools needed.
  • Provide assistance from start to finish of the setup to include help layout the facility, CAD drawings and we can even help obtain permitting from the city if it is required.
  • Offer flexible crew hours with any schedule that fits our customers' needs such as weekends or nights.
  • Equip our crews with any safety equipment that will be needed.
At Warehouse Equipment Solutions, our install teams are specifically trained on how to correctly install and remove warehouse racking and distribution center hardware, and with experience working with selective pallet racks, drive-in and pushback pallet racks, shelving, conveyors, and mezzanines, we'll make sure the job gets done right. With crews traveling nationwide, we'll complete any project, anywhere in the nation – no matter how large or small.

We Deliver

Warehouse Equipment Solutions can deliver your material right to your facility on one of our own trucks or we can use our resources to ship any of our products to any location around the world. Transporting long, bulky material like pallet rack can be difficult, so let us do the work and get your material to you.

We Buy Used Materials

At Warehouse Equipment Solutions, we're proud to provide both new and used material handling equipment from our headquarters in Grand Prairie, nearby Fort Worth, and Dallas, TX. Not only do we sell equipment, but we're also glad to buy your used materials that you want to get rid of. By selling us your material handling equipment, you can help save space and optimize the efficiency of your own warehouse. If you have any equipment you'd like to sell, from used metal shelving to industrial shelving to pallet racks, we'd be thrilled to buy it!

We Buy Used Material Handling Equipment

No matter where you're located, what industry you're operating in, or what equipment you're wanting to sell, we at Warehouse Equipment Solutions are here to make it easy for you to sell your old equipment. We regularly buy material handling equipment from businesses from all over the world. We're happy to purchase everything from single pieces of equipment to entire facilities full of it. Not only are we open to buying all different types and amounts of equipment, but we also offer competitive prices on it. Even if you're just trying to upgrade your equipment, we can make it much easier for you. We have a massive inventory of new and used warehouse equipment, which means that you can both sell your old equipment to us and buy a new, upgraded version from the same vendor. We're taking convenience to a whole new level!

Selling Made Easy

One of the great things about doing business with Warehouse Equipment Solutions is that we make the entire selling process easy. We have the ability to do all the work for you. You'll be able to get money for equipment you don't want or don't need and you'll barely even have to exert any effort to do so. We have a team of warehousing experts that can fly to anywhere in the nation and we can get your equipment out of your warehouse without any worries of a logistical hassle. Our experts can easily dismantle, palletize, and load the equipment onto our trucks with no help needed so you won't have to worry about putting in any extra effort.



At Warehouse Equipment Solutions, we are passionate about helping our customers maximize their productivity by providing high-quality material handling equipment at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of pallet racks, mezzanines, conveyor belts, and other warehouse equipment, and we're happy to help you design your new space to ensure you get the most efficient warehouse possible. While we're based out of the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX areas, our team of experts can fly anywhere in the country to help you design, break down, or set up your warehouse. In addition to supplying quality used and new off the shelf equipment at an affordable price, we're also proud to fabricate custom equipment to suit even the most specific warehousing needs.

Custom Fabricated Material Handling Equipment

Sometimes, conventional just won't do – and that's where custom-fabricated equipment can help. We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to fabricate custom-made material handling equipment to your exact specifications, creating a simple and effective turnkey solution for any part of your warehouse. Whether you're looking for a new pallet rack, a specialized mezzanine, or a unique conveyor belt, we'll help you design and build a piece that perfectly suits your needs and takes your warehouse efficiency to the next level.

In addition to creating brand new pieces from scratch, we can also alter your existing equipment to better suit your needs. Moving facilities and need shorter pallet racks to fit the new space? We're happy to trim your uprights to any height you specify. Expanding and need specialized materials to accommodate your workflow? We'll help you find a solution that works for your business. Our team of experts can make alterations at our facility or fly to you to make the changes on-sight – and we promise to maintain a gold standard of quality in all the work that we do.


At Warehouse Equipment Solutions, we proudly provide our nation with new and used warehouse equipment from our warehouse in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With our expansive used inventory, we can offer low prices for quality equipment without the long lead times. When purchasing used equipment, a solid, high-quality rack is the most important factor, but the ability to customize the look of the rack is an excellent benefit. At Warehouse Equipment Solutions, we can paint your equipment any color of your choosing – all you need to do is work with our team to find the right fit for you.

Painting Used Warehouse Equipment

There are many reasons you may want to paint your pallet rack or shelving, and with Warehouse Equipment Solutions you can rest assured that with our years of experience your equipment will look like it just came out of the factory without the expense or lead time. Some common reasons customers are interested in having their product painted:
  • Match current facility colors
  • Specific company or team colors
  • Make used material look brand new without the new material cost
Although used racks don't often wear out, the wear and tear of daily warehouse loading and unloading can remove paint coats and make the equipment appear ugly.


Companies looking to pick up a great selection of used warehouse equipment should browse through our current liquidation listings. Liquidation sales have deep discounts as well as an extensive selection of materials and equipment suited to many different warehouse environments. This is a great opportunity to acquire new-to-you equipment at a lower price than many dealerships are able to offer. If you are in the process of liquidating your company's warehouse assets, Warehouse Equipment Solutions can help organize this important sale. We have six acres of warehouse space, so we can accommodate virtually any assets your company wishes to sell.

The Advantage of Pre-Owned Equipment

Pre-owned equipment offers exceptional value to buyers. For instance:
  • Pre-owned warehouse equipment being sold at liquidation is frequently priced low enough that buyers do not have to worry about financing; this can save you thousands in interest payments.
  • Specialized equipment, such as material handlers and conveyors can be purchased without a premium markup.
  • Equipment is ready to use almost immediately; you can resume operations faster.
  • Even nearly new pieces of used equipment can be obtained at a fraction of their resale value.

Warehouses and other storage facilities wishing to expand or enhance operations will need a supply of dependable equipment. Our current selection of liquidations features name-brand equipment and much more.

Ready to Liquidate?

Companies looking to liquidate unneeded equipment, vehicles, and supplies should contact our team. We have extensive experience assisting companies wishing to divest assets. Our professional network can significantly boost your listings to get your goods sold sooner. Connect with motivated buyers in less time than ever with the help of Warehouse Equipment Solutions.