New & Used Pallet Rack Beams

At Warehouse Equipment Solutions, our mission is to help our clients make the most of their warehouse space. We're proud to provide a diverse inventory of new and used material handling equipment, and we're more than happy to help you decide on the right equipment to maximize the efficacy of your warehouse space. Our team can fly anywhere in the nation to dismantle existing equipment or install new equipment, and we're happy to offer design services to help you redesign your warehouse for maximum efficiency. If you're looking to expand the capacity of your warehouse with new pallet racking, we have a large inventory of high-quality pallet rack beams in a variety of sizes and types.


Pallet rack beams are responsible for the “heavy lifting” of storage: they are the supports on which your inventory sits. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capacities. Different beams use different shapes for where they connect to the upright frames. If you’re selecting pallet rack beams for an existing pallet rack storage system, it’s important to match the right type of beam to your existing materials. For example, if your existing equipment uses teardrop-shaped holes, you’ll want to buy teardrop beams.

Pallet racks come in a variety of shapes, configurations, and types, and at Warehouse Equipment Solutions, we're proud to stock a wide variety of pallet racks. We'll work with you to help you determine the ideal pallet rack for your needs, and if you like, we can also give you tips on how to lay out your warehouse or provide our warehouse design services for your space. No matter what you're looking for, at Warehouse Equipment Solutions, we'll help you maximize the space and efficiency of your warehouse.