New & Used Pallet Rack Backing

Warehouse Equipment Solutions maintains a large amount of used and new Pallet Rack Safety Backing in many shapes and sizes as well as many brands and styles. If you have any questions on which types of equipment to get or you'd like advice on how to design your warehouse for maximum efficiency, we're always here to help. Feel free to call us at 972-313-0340 or reach out to us at our “CONTACT PAGE” with any questions or to discuss your warehousing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

There are several methods to add safety and product security to the back of pallet rack. We can help figure out which one fits your needs and requirements, as well as get the material to accomplish your goals. We carry many different products such as Pallet stop beams, wire backing panels, and safety netting to keep your material on your pallet rack and the area behind your pallet rack free from falling items.


Protect workers and equipment from falling items with pallet rack backing panels. Rack Backing wire mesh panels bolt directly to the back of your existing pallet rack uprights creating a sturdy barrier between stored items and the ground below.


Lower accidents by protecting staff and customers from falling objects or stock that may fall off pallet racks, mezzanines, conveyors or shelves. We have material handling industrial nets and hardware for all warehouse and material handling locations. Our rack guard can be installed vertically or horizontally; below conveyors, above sorting lines, on the sides, rear or front of racks – anywhere you need custom nets to reduce product loss and keep people safe.


Using pallet stop beams within the racking system is just one way to improve and provide the safety barrier needed to prevent pallets from being pushed off the racking while at the same time protecting your valued property from potential damage. Some applications see damage to the beams due to the drivers loading too close into the racking system, hitting the actual beams with the backrest of the fork truck. Worse yet, the driver may even get the backrest of the fork truck under the beam above and knocking the entire beam out of the system. Besides teaching the drivers the proper way to load and unload the racking, by using a pallet stop beam this will not be possible.