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New vs. Used Warehouse Equipment

Material handling equipment lies at the core of every warehouse, and buying the right equipment with the right layout can end up saving your business significant amounts in efficiency and productivity. But when designing a warehouse for the first time, replacing old equipment, or doing a redesign of your warehouse, you’re faced with a difficult question: should you buy new or used material handling equipment for your warehouse?

New vs. Used: Longevity vs. Cost-Efficacy

Ultimately, almost everyone wants to buy things new. Few things are more satisfying than a bright, shiny, brand new piece of equipment, and buying new often feels like getting the best possible quality available. This is with good reason: when you buy new, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll get equipment in the best possible condition, and you’ll likely also get a warranty on the equipment. Purchasing equipment new is a long-term investment, and it can pay off in the many years that the equipment lasts – particularly if it’s a core piece of equipment that’s difficult and costly to change out and replace.
Used equipment, however, still has an important place. With some searching, buying used equipment can easily save you 20%–50% on the cost of equipment. And often, buying used equipment doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality. If you’re careful to look for the right equipment and avoid buying equipment that’s been compromised, your used equipment may be just as good as a new piece and will last you for years to come. When buying used, always look for evidence that the equipment has been well-maintained – any loose parts are a major red flag. Additionally, watch out for welds, as any part of the equipment that’s been broken before will never be as strong as it originally was. With a watchful eye and some digging, though, you can find used equipment that’s reliable and effective, providing major savings with little downsides.

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