New Mezzanine

Double your usable floor space with a two-level work platform (mezzanine) Storage system.

Industrial Structures’ work platforms (mezzanines) are less than 30% of the cost of a new building.

Benefits include:
Elimination of leased space
Extra material storage
Full use of vertical space
Seismic design compliant with the location
Significant tax advantages
Up to 80% cheaper than a building addition
Meets OSHA and ADA requirements
Completely expandable as need grows
Professional design & engineering

Greater load bearing capacities assured.
The bi-directional rigid frame construction of an Industrial Structures work platform (mezzanine) features stronger connections that allow for greater spans and more space planning flexibility.

All of the depreciation benefits of a piece of equipment.
The Industrial Structures work platform (mezzanine) system gives you the benefits associated with industrial equipment while increasing your usable space, but affording you the advantages of not being attached to the existing building or other structure.

Designed for easy installation, dismantle and relocation.
The Industrial Structures work platform (mezzanine) features all bolted connections that can be assembled with ordinary hand tools. Unlike hard construction, your investment can move with you or offered for resale.

Greater design flexibility.
The Industrial Structures work platform (mezzanine) system features wider spans that reduce the number of columns. This creates more space and provides for less obstruction.

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Showing all 2 results