New Cantilever Products

Cantilever racks have the capacity to store almost any type of load, making them an ideal solution for a wide variety of storage needs. Their open design makes them ideal for storing long, large, bulky, or oddly shaped inventory – things like pipes, carpet rolls, tubing, lumber, or furniture. The open, shelve-less design of cantilever racks makes them fully accessible from the front, letting you access your product without the difficulties and restrictions of traditional pallet rack shelving. Plus, cantilever racks let you store the product of almost any size anywhere on the rack – even having the ability to store products of different lengths on the same level.

In addition to being versatile, cantilever racks are completely modular. Choosing cantilever racking in your warehouse gives you the capability to add additional arms, columns, and braces to fit the specific needs of your inventory and business. You can adjust your cantilever racks over time to adapt to the needs of your business, and through it all, their open design will allow your warehouse workers easy access to product and increase the efficiency of your warehouse. If you're looking for a simple, adaptable, and effective storage solution for a wide variety of inventory, cantilever racks are hard to beat!