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The Do’s and Don’ts of Warehouse Space Planning

Few things are as helpful to a business as an organized, efficient warehouse. A well designed warehouse can save thousands of hours in productivity, help to ensure the quality of all the products that pass through your facility, and give your business a competitive advantage through streamlined operations – and without a doubt, the most important thing for a high functioning warehouse is planning. Taking the time to thoughtfully plan out and design your warehouse before building is a great way to improve your business for years to come, so to help out, we’ve compiled a few simple do’s and don’ts of warehouse space planning.

Do’s of Warehouse Space Planning

  • Do Get Help: No one ever said you have to do this alone! Enlisting the help of a professional warehouse layout and design expert can help you create a model warehouse, and the skill and expertise they lend you will pay off for years to come.
  • Do Keep Up to Code: Building codes and safety regulations change frequently, so when designing your warehouse, it’s critical to stay on top of them. Read up on local building codes for businesses, or get the help of someone well-versed in the most recent guidelines.
  • Do Ask Questions: Asking thoughtful, pointed questions about various elements of the plan can help you keep focused and find out what you’re really going to gain from the design of your new space. Think about the options available to you and also what you’d like from your new warehouse, and ask yourself and your warehouse design expert how the various parts of your new plan will benefit your business operations.

Don’ts of Warehouse Space Planning

  • Don’t Stick to Tradition: When designing a new warehouse, there’s no reason to keep things the same purely because it’s the status quo. Instead of just doing things as you’ve always done them, think hard about what could be changed and redesigned to streamline operations.
  • Don’t Start at the Last Minute: Properly designing, planning, and building a new warehouse space takes time, and if you leave it all to the last minute, you’re bound to experience delays and problems. Start the process early, and keep in mind that lead times for new equipment can easily reach 12 weeks or more.
  • Don’t Make Blind Guesses: When designing your new warehouse, you don’t have to take shots in the dark. Use historical data from your business operations to make long-term forecasts about your storage and capacity needs, and don’t forget to take future growth into account. It’s better to plan ahead now for a space that will suit you in the long-term than to get stuck doing another redesign because you outgrew the space.

Do Contact Your Warehouse Equipment Professionals!

If you’re planning a new warehouse, we can help you design an optimal layout, save money by using high-quality used material handling equipment, and take care of breaking down your old equipment and installing the new materials. Feel free to call us at (972) 313-0340 or reach out to us at our contact page to find out more about how we can help you design and build the most effective warehouse possible.